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背单词不仅是要将你学到的单词和它的意思背下来,也需要将这个单词另外的意思和用法也记一记,这样才是完整而正确的单词背记方法。这里老师将初中阶段的一些有多种寄义的单词分类整理好,大家有空可以记一记。A1.accident:事故(n.) I saw an accident when I walked in the street.意外、偶然的事(n.) (accidentally)2.appear:泛起 (vi) A ship appeared on the horizon. (disappear消失)好象, 似乎(vi) She appears to have many friends.3.apply:申请(for)(vi) Mr.Wang decided to apply for the job.运用、应用 (to)(vt.) Our teacher applies this teaching method to his class.4.arm手臂 (n.) 武装 (v)Lay down your arms or we'll fire!放下武器,否则,我们就开枪了!Police say the man is armed with guns and very dangerous. 警员说该男子携有枪,十分危险。

5.area:地域(n.) Do you like the area where you are living?面积(n.) The city covers an area of 30,000 square kilometer.6.ask(熟义:问)vt.要求The teacher asked that all the students stay at the classroom. 老师要求所有学生呆在课堂7.attend(熟义:出席) vt.到场;vi.看护,治疗Mr.Park attended a summer course.帕克先生到场一个暑期课程。If you go out,who'll attend to the baby?如果你走了,谁来照看婴儿?B1.break:打破、打碎(vt.) The boy broke the windows of the house.休息 (n.) We have been working all the morning,let`s have a break.2.bill:帐单(n.) Have you paid the bill?钞票(n.) a ten-dollar bill3. book(熟义:书) v. 预定,预购I would like to book three seats for tonight’s concert. 我想预定今晚音乐会的三个座位。4.beat(熟义:击打) v. (心脏) 跳动He is alive---his heart is still beating. 他还在世---心脏还在跳动。


打败 He beat me at chess. 他下棋赢了我。C1.can(熟义:能) n.罐头vt.做成罐头2.capital(熟义:首都) n. 大写字母;资本Write your name in block capitals, please. 姓名请用大写。3.change(熟义:变化) n. 零钱,找头Have you got change for a five-pound note? 你有没有5英镑的零钱?4.charge:卖力(n.) The young man is in charge of the company.充电(vt.) My cellphone is fully charged.收取(用度)(vt.) How much do you charge me for mending shoes?指控(vt.) He was charged with murder.5.cost(熟义:花费;值……)vt.使失去(生命、康健等)Careless driving cost his life. 粗心的驾驶使他支付生命的价格。6.course(熟义:历程) n. 课程;航线;一道菜I’d like to take a refresher course to improve my driving. 我想到场补习训练以提高自己的驾驶技术。


The plane was off the course.飞机偏离航向。They were treated with a five-course dinner for lunch. 招待他们五道菜的正餐。

7.court:法庭、宫廷(n.)庭院,球场(n.)8.concerned:(adj.)担忧的、忧虑的 be concerned about :We are all concerned about her safety.与……有关 be concerned with: Her lastest film is concerned with wild life9.comfort:(使)舒适(服)(vt.) Cool water can comfort you in summer.慰藉(vt.) The mother was comforting the crying boy.慰藉(n.) It is a comfort to know that she is sa。